Caps and Gowns

Caps, gowns and hoods will be available at the University Bookstore beginning April 6.  Seniors can reserve a cap and gown for pick up at the bookstore by placing an online order here.  If you choose to pre-order a cap and gown online, orders must be placed by March 1.   For questions, contact the bookstore at (617) 627-3468.

All graduates are requested to wear the traditional cap and gown.  Students may purchase them at the University Bookstore. Rentals are not available. The prices are approximately:

  • Bachelor’s gown, cap, black tassel, and announcement package, $59.98;  Gown only–$34.98
  • Brown and Blue Tassel–$6.98
  • Master’s gown, cap, black tassel, $51.98;  Gown only–$36.98
  • Master’s hood, $40.98;
  • PhD gown, cap, tassel, $62.98; Gown only–$49.98

Custom Regalia Orders (prices range depending on the fabric chosen):

  • Masters Students:  Black gowns ($196 – $248); Hood ($126 – $139); Cap ($37 – $44)
  • PhD Students: Black gowns ($388 – $425); Hood ($157 – $175–but usually is provided by school); Tam ($88).

Custom Tufts Blue and Brown PhD Regalia (order by March 25):  Gown $660; Hood $152 (usually provided by the school); Tam $88; Gold Bullion tassel $48.

The bookstore will be hosting Senior Days on Wednesday, April 6, and Thursday, April 7, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can pick up caps and gowns, diploma frames, graduation announcements, graduation rings and other Commencement items. For more information, call 1-800-627-3468 or visit the bookstore web site at

The American Council on Education provides useful information and guidelines on how to choose and properly display academic regalia for commencement.  The addition of adornments (such as stoles, pins, etc.) to the academic attire is discouraged.  Graduates are requested to adhere to the American Council on Education’s “Academic Costume Code” which stipulates that “nothing should be worn on the academic gown.”