Caps and Gowns

Caps, gowns and hoods will be available at the University Bookstore beginning April 6.  Seniors can reserve a cap and gown for pick up at the bookstore by placing an online order here.  If you choose to pre-order a cap and gown online, orders must be placed by March 1.   For questions, contact the bookstore at (617) 627-3468.

All graduates are requested to wear the traditional cap and gown.  Students may purchase them at the University Bookstore. Rentals are not available. The prices are approximately:

  • Bachelor’s gown, cap, black tassel, and announcement package, $59.98;  Gown only–$34.98
  • Brown and Blue Tassel–$6.98
  • Master’s gown, cap, black tassel, $51.98;  Gown only–$36.98
  • Master’s hood, $40.98;
  • PhD gown, cap, tassel, $62.98; Gown only–$49.98

Custom Regalia Orders (prices range depending on the fabric chosen):

  • Masters Students:  Black gowns ($196 – $248); Hood ($126 – $139); Cap ($37 – $44)
  • PhD Students: Black gowns ($388 – $425); Hood ($157 – $175–but usually is provided by school); Tam ($88).

Custom Tufts Blue and Brown PhD Regalia (order by March 25):  Gown $660; Hood $152 (usually provided by the school); Tam $88; Gold Bullion tassel $48.

The bookstore will be hosting Senior Days on Wednesday, April 6, and Thursday, April 7, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can pick up caps and gowns, diploma frames, graduation announcements, graduation rings and other Commencement items. For more information, call 1-800-627-3468 or visit the bookstore web site at

The American Council on Education provides useful information and guidelines on how to choose and properly display academic regalia for commencement.