Campus Shuttle Routes for Commencement Sunday

There will be four shuttles circulating around campus on Commencement Day from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. All of the shuttles will be routed through Davis Square, making a stop at the Davis Square subway station.

Stops/Route for Campus Shuttles

1.     Davis Square T Station

2.     TAB (Tufts Administration Building) parking lot

3.      Packard Ave., at Powderhouse Boulevard (in front of Lewis Hall)

4.     Top of Packard Ave/Top of Hill at the Olin Center

5.      51 Winthrop Street

6.     Boston Ave., in front of Dowling Hall

7.    College Ave., at Cousens Gym/Gantcher parking lot

8.     80 George St. (turn around)

9.     College Ave., at Memorial Steps (across from Anderson Hall)

10.     College Ave., adjacent to Ellis Oval